[13] epD‐BfS‐ () Environmental Product [21] Schweizerischer ingenieur‐ und Architektenverein (SiA). () Merkblatt energieausweis für Gebäude gemäß Sn en und Sn en zurich. [22] Schweizerischer . Flash point: > 21° C „Beschichtung auf Zink und verzinktem Stahl“ from Bundesausschuss Farbe und Sachwertschutz (BFS) according to Merkblatt 5 of BFS. Flash point: > 21° C. Solid substance: approx. 55% Zinc and galvanized surfaces are to be prepared according to Merkblatt 5 of. BFS. Clean the surfaces to be painted and remove dirt of all kinds, including dust, mortar droppings, and similar.

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ThermoSan NQG: Caparol

Mechanical loads scratching on matt facade paints in dark shades may produce bright-toned stripes as a product specific property no writing resistance. If other cleaning methods are used washing, brushing off, hosing with clean water apply one priming coat of AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger. Unstable Mineral Paint Coatings: Prime slightly absorbent or smooth surfaces with AmphiSilan-Grundierfarbe.

Bridging Treatment Reinforced with Polyester Fabric. In case of contact with eyes or skin, imme diately and thoroughly rinse with water. While the outcomes are based on the MATSim framework, they can be generalised. Therefore a life-long and invisible crack covering treatment by paint material cannot generally be guaranteed.

Transport Planning Transportation I. The paint with an essential benefit: Check tinted product before applying to avoid colour differences. Remove thoroughly by wet-blasting, in compliance with the regulations, then use Capatox or FungiGrund. Can be tinted to a max. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time.


Axhausen January The traces of additives are water-soluble and will disappear under the influence of a sufficient water quantity, e. Cap-elast Phase 2 and Phase 2-W: Two coats are necessary to obtain an adequate protection against algal and fungal attack. A44 Touching up surfaces is depending on many parameters and may be visible after drying. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label intestinal bacteria can be affected.

Allow the reinforced area to dry thoroughly. Surfaces with Salty Efflorescence: Beware of night frost. Clean existing renders by suitable wet cleaning method.

The traces cannot occur when the paint is applied under suitable climatic conditions. Clean existing coatings by suitable means. Der Verkehr im Jahre Measurement and Modelling of Travel Behaviour. Silk-matt, G 2 Storage Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

Person Detail – Institute of Science, Technology and Policy | ETH Zurich

Allow to dry thoroughly. Alternatively our merkblaatt Histolith SolSilikat can be used. Maximum temperature for high-pressure water jet: Use protective tarpaulins for scaffoldings in case of strong wind. Apply wet-on-wet and without interruption to avoid lapping. Stir and sieve the paint well before airless application. The results contribute to the understanding of residential location choice and have implications for urban planning and policies that seek to reduce commuting.

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Repair patches must be allowed to set and dry thoroughly before the application of any paint. In case of contact with eyes or skin, immediately and thoroughly rinse with water.


Apply by brush or paint roller only. Its purpose was to connect travel behavior, social networks and their impacts on society.

Possibly a second finishing coat may be necessary. Therefore a permanent protection cannot be guaranteed. Coating of such surfaces must be considered a risk for which we cannot accept responsibility, since even after the most thorough treatment the efflorescence may recur. Applicable on mineral and synthetic organic renders, coated or uncoated. Focusing on connected personal merrkblatt networks: Do not empty into drains, water courses or into the ground. Keep out of reach of children. In case of moist weather conditions rain, dew, fog yellowish transparent traces of additives, showing a slightly glossy shine and stickiness, may occur on the surface of compact, cool substrates or by means of delayed drying caused by the weather.

Commuting has been found to be one of the least enjoyable activities. Do not empty into drains, water courses or into the ground.

Mineral matt flat merkblattt. Selected results from a snowball sample. Only the application of a cross-sectional insulation is a durable problem solution. Possibly a second finishing coat may be necessary.