Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. posse-de la nationalite haitienne d’ origine, tout individu ne pere h aiti en ou Les articles ,,13,14 et 15 de la Constitution de sont abroges. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English.

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To defend the country in the event of war; g. In the event of a vote of nonconfidence by one of the two 2 Houses, the procedure shall be repeated.

It must formally constitution haitienne de 1987 the ee in Creole and in French for the arrest or detention and the provision of the law that provides for punishment la constitution haitienne de the act charged. Amounts to be drawn on budget allocations may in no case exceed one-twelfth of the appropriations for a particular month, except in December, because of bonuses paid to all Government employees and officials.

Its decision shall be final and is binding on the high constitution haitienne de 1987.

Constitution amendée

Haiti Politique – Haitian Politics:: One for the National Council of Cooperatives. One for the Advisory Council; 4. The law specifies constitutipn conditions for protecting flora and fauna, and punishes violations thereof. The Permanent Electoral Council shall rule on all disputes arising either in elections or in the enforcement or the violation of the Electoral Law, subject to any legal prosecution undertaken constitution haitienne de 1987 an offender or offenders before the courts of competent jurisdiction.

Enjoy civil and political rights; d.

Text ARTICLE 289 – 1987 Constitution of Haiti

Independence Day, January 1; 2. An autonomous public agency with legal personality and financial autonomy performs the functions of a Central Bank. In such cases, the procedure shall be expedited constitution haitienne de 1987 for emergency matters, and the decision may be appealed only to the Supreme Court. When it adjourns, it leaves a permanent, committee charged with handling current business.


Holding a ministerial post is incompatible with the exercise of all other public employment, except for higher education. Le Premier Ministre constitution haitienne de 1987 le Chef de Gouvernement. La Nationalisation et haiteinne confiscation des biens, meubles et immeubles pour causes politiques sont interdites. In addition to the responsibilities incumbent upon it as a branch of the Legislature, the Senate shall have the following powers: The National Assembly may yaitienne meet or take decisions and pass resolutions haitirnne a majority of each of the two 2 Houses being present.

Members of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes consstitution under constitutiom jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice for any serious offenses committed in the discharge of their duties. This text is the same for the Constitution and the Ammended constitution of 9 Mai published in: The State guarantees workers equal working conditions and wages regardless of their sec, beliefs, constitution haitienne de 1987 and marital status. No constitution haitienne de 1987 may be deprived for political reasons of his legal capacity and his nationality.

Constitution of Haiti

Any individual who was the victim of confiscation of property or arbitrary dispossession for political reasons during the period from october 22, to February 7, may recover his property before the court of competent jurisdiction. The Armed Forces are apolitical.

Have been relieved of their responsibilities of they have been constitution haitienne de 1987 public funds; d. Gen yen 20 tranblemannte ki enregistre en The General accounts and budgets stipulated in constitution haitienne de 1987 receding article, accompanied by a report from the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes must be submitted to dde Legislative Houses by the Minister of Finance no later than fifteen 15 days after the opening of the legislative session.

Unions are essentially nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondenominational. Outline Index Book Constitution haitienne de 1987 Portal. Haiti – Senator Rony Celestin urges fellow Senators to do the people’s job so they can get out of dire poverty. The law regulates the conditions required for serving as a judge at any level. If in either House the Majority stipulated in the preceding paragraph is not obtained for the rejection, the objections are accepted.

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Constitution of Haiti – Wikipedia

In the event of a serious offense committed in the discharge of their duties, the members of the Permanent Electoral Council are liable for prosecution before the High Court of Justice. Sitting as a full constitution haitienne de 1987, the Court shall hand down its vonstitution forthwith, setting all other matters aside.

Possession of a firearm must be reported to the police.

The Supreme Court does not try cases on their merits. Constitution haitienne de 1987 National Council of Government is authorized to issue in the Council of Ministers, pursuant to the Constitution, decrees having the force of law until the Deputies constitution haitienne de 1987 Senators elected under this Constitution take up their duties.

The State encourages in rural and urban areas the formation of cooperatives for production, processing of raw materials and the entrepenurial spirit to promote the accumulation of national capital to ensure continuous development.

Journalists shall freely exercise their profession within the framework of the law. The president must accept that resignation and appoint new Primer Minister, pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution. If these additional deliberations produce no result, the Bill or proposed law will be withdrawn.

Members of the Superior Court of auditors and Administrative Disputes must: The budget of each Ministry is divided into chapters and sections, and must be voted upon article by article. The Government General Budget containing the rough estimates and the portion of funds allocated to each Ministry of the year. The territory of the Haitian Republic is inviolable and may not be alienated either in whole or in part by any constitution haitienne de 1987 or convention.

To ensure its viability, it must be managed honestly and efficiently. Members of the Administrative Council of the Communal Section must: