Full text of “Darklands Cluebook” 81 Puzzles & Answers Final Notes 3 This book is divided into This book is not designed to be a strategy guide. The file is a record of interactions that occurred since you last started the game. Every time you start or load a game, is restarted. Although. (section introduction) * Recruit * Soldier * Veteran * Captain * Hunter * Bandit * Peasant * Schulz * Noble Heir * Courtier * Knight * Manorial Lord * Hermit *.

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At dwrklands one third-party commercial character editor was advertised for Darklands. This is the file that appears as a grey screen when you first boot the game up.

In addition, each success when creating this potion yields 1 florin pf for the party. Each hates the other, and the mine linking the two has become the battleground.

There will be a trap here. In addicion, they have ready for battle up to three each of noxious aroma, fleadust and stone-tar potions.

Darklands ClueBook (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

There is never a shortage of any particular good for sale. You must offer something over which he has no farklands. To escape you must either destroy them all, or get past them and move onto the stairs upward. The setting for Darklands is medieval Europe as the inhabitants thought the world was at the time.

Darklands Cluebook

If you can recover the treasure from the thief and return it, the dragon may be placated and will go to sleep. In one case a saint provides greater benefits as long as the party includes at least one female.

What is Jojo’s list and why is it important? Kept on refighting them too ; The book mentions locations it also mentions the High Sabbat locations, etc. Note also that each time you fail to escape, a malicious dwarf comes around to torment you. Character must be male and have some religious experience — as a hermit, novice, monk, priest, abbot, or bishop. This occupation increased our wealth, experience and local reputa- tion. darklansd


This chest also has a relic if you can pick the lock. It stands a chance of being added with appropriate credit to this document. If someone is hit by this potion, movement stops and no new orders are allowed. Otherwise, have a Stone Tar handy for escape other potions work, too. Since you have exhausted the possibilities here, proceed to take the stairway back down to the lower level. This fellow could possible be a backup alchemist, although you would have to increase his intelligence.

Any party member is capable of performing what are known as class-based feats in many other role-playing games, but skillful players usually improve the party member’s skills only in the appropriate area.

In short, trying to bribe the monk for the object is slightly counter-productive. Sometimes, you are lucky and upon arriving at a town, you can just continue on to a further destination. Each puzzle is listed out with a verbal work through. During some interactions this saint may translate fly the party over obstacles such as walls.

Alchemist or Kobold King: Which puzzle shows up where is random. They were all listed at NetSeek during the summer of I have copied excerpts from each table type to give you a sense of the information contained.

Studded Leather 2 10 4 Vitals: If you create a fifth character and let him grow to a ripe old age, he will bring to the party many wonderful expensive potions. War between Dwarves and Kobolds. Therefore, make sure the high- artifice character carries it! Actually, each dragon has a specific lair location that is invisible on the map.


Also, feel free to substantiate these two bugs if you can.

Strength range for the weapon. Characters have no real limit on how much they can carry, even though weight for each object is given.

This means even non-penetrating hits will inflict moderate endurance and some strength damage. Sabotaging the altar construction is the most directly useful, because it weakens any bok summoned.

First, a character can use artifice skill and lockpicks.

Darklands download

You should be able to generate enough money to buy some semi-decent armor for each member. Then attack the group and get their clothes. Medici in Burglitz, document No. To accomplish this, you must first get past the downstairs guards, using cither stealth, bribery, alchemy, saintly aid, or just plain cold steel.

Since thugs don’t come out during the day, you’ll have to wander the streets at night. Increases are based on the current value of that attribute or the normal maximum, whichever clie less. Villages may also be destroyed, sometimes by you, sometimes by dragons, and sometimes by random events completely beyond your control. Puzzles and Answers XI. Buying armour at an amourers shop in a town usually results in a 35q equipment.

Town leaders or fortress chiefs won’t give you an audience if you’re too low on reputation. Component qualities have no effect on the finished potion.