Many printers spend precious time editing their clients’ PDFs to get them print- ready. But there are also printers who simply accept certified. Parent topic: Working with Certified PDF documents. Copyright © Enfocus NV | All rights reserved | Comments? Contact Enfocus Support. The Enfocus Certified Partner Program gives our commercial and technical partners a way to be recognized as an Enfocus qualified partner towards those.

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Embedded metadata and file information Variables Try it yourself an interactive exercise Duration: In part 1, Michael explains how to set up an update server for remote Connector users.

Working with selections and page boxes All topics and video timeline The link to the webinar will take you to a WebEx page from where you can playback or download the webinar recording.

Note that the movies were recorded with Switch version 12, but the content is still relevant if you’re working with a newer version of Switch. The workshop consists of 2 parts: By preflighting only the objects needed to render or print a PDF, false errors are eliminated. A large format Banner, how to add bleed to the back side so the image looks good when the banner is folded to make a seam for grommets or a Pole.

Michael talks about Smart Preflight: Editing objects This course consists of the following parts: Mise en route de PitStop Pro – Module 4: This is a short explanation of the Switch Core Engine, the Switch module that provides the basic functionality for receiving, sorting, routing and tracking of files.


Job boards This is a short introduction to the job boards aka job finder boards that can be created on the Switch Web Portal as of Switch Getting Started with Switch – Module 2: Have you ever wished you could just automatically take control of your customers computer make all the settings for them when it comes to creating PDFs to be sent to you for production?

File intelligence enfocks enables workflows to leverage the Smart Preflight capabilities at the heart of PitStop Server. Best practices to improve your flows, for example when handling large flows.

What is an Enfocus Certified PDF document?

Getting Started with Connect This module consists of the following parts: Action Lists used in the session for download. Automated image processing with Switch and ImageMagick This is a recording of a dnfocus given by William Buckingham on July 23rd, Do you have a simple variable data project?

Enfocus will also make code available to third parties for industry-wide Certified Workflow compliance. Getting Started Module 2: Action Lists used during this workshop. It also makes it easy for customers cerrified identify partners with the right knowledge for their particular project. In this short eLearning course you’ll learn all about the different types of Job Tickets and how they can be used and configured in Connect ALL.

Bleed in PitStop 12 Adjusting the branding of a Enfocis Report Workspace configuration All topics and video timeline The link to the webinar will take you to a WebEx page from where you can playback or download the webinar recording.


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What’s new in Switch Learn all about the new features of Switch Connect Workshop September In this webinar he explains how to split pages and re-order printer pairs into single pages in the correct order. Latest standards All topics and video timeline Presentation The link to the webinar will take engocus to a WebEx page from where you can playback or download the webinar recording.

Also, we look at ways to make customers part of the overall workflow and automating designer tasks such as file preparation for print, file submission and communication of their job specs and status.

Emfocus module comprend sept parties:.

This movie explains the Metadata module, which allows Switch users to work with metadata information e. In this webinar he explains how to set up your own keyboard shortcuts.

Ted Vahey is the founder and Workflow Automation Consultant for All Systems Integration, an Enfocus Certified Partner that specializes in enhancing and automating production workflow solutions.

These job boards are virtual job boards that allow you to quickly see where your jobs are certtified Switch. What’s new in Switch Smart Preflight allows all Profiles and Action Lists to be ‘personalized’ on a per file basis to ensure the most effective PDF verification and correction in the industry. Switch Monthly Workshop March