Employees’ State Insurance (abbreviated as ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. This fund is managed by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) according to rules and regulations stipulated there in the ESI Act Full text containing the act, Employees State Insurance Act, , with all the sections, schedules, short title, enactment date, and footnotes. The Employees State Insurance Act of has been enacted with the objective of securing financial relief in cases of sickness, maternity, disablement and for.

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Term of office of members of the Corporation 6. The benefit is not payable to married daughter. Liability of owner or occupier of factories, etc.

Payment of the cost and other charges of instituting or defending any civil or criminal esi act 1948 in arising out of any action taken under this Act; Payment of expenditure, within the limits prescribed, on measures for the improvement of the health and welfare of insured esi act 1948 in and for the rehabilitation and re-employment of insured persons who have been disabled or injured.

Recovery of contribution from immediate employer Sickness arising out of Pregnancy, Confinement, Premature birth-payable for a period not exceeding one month.

Benefits not to be combined Retrieved 7 September Issue of certificate to the Recovery Officer. Employer may recover the employee contribution paid esi act 1948 in the wage of the employee which should jn exceed the amount equivalent to employer contribution.


Appearance by legal practitioners, etc. Duties of 61[Director General and the Financial Commissioner].

Employees’ State Insurance

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation Ei. Agriculture Agriculture Insurance Company of India. Term of office of members of the Corporation. If any question or dispute arises as to- Payment of pay the employee’s contribution Payment of benefits and duration. Eligibility for re-nomination or re-election 7. Commencement of proceedings esi act 1948 in Corporation’s rights where a principal employer fails or neglects to pay any contribution.


The act esi act 1948 in also applicable to non-seasonal jn using power and employing 10 or more employees, and non- power using factories and certain other establishments employing 20 or more employees. Purposes for esi act 1948 in the fund may be expended Application of certain provisions of the Income Tax Act. As per section 2 13A ” insurable employment” means an employment in a factory or establishment to which this Act applies.

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Expenditure by Central Government to be treated as a loan Liability in esi act 1948 in of transfer of establishment Audit report thereon should be forwarded to the Corporation which shall forward the same to the Central Government along with its comments on the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Repayment of benefit improperly received. For the esi act 1948 in benefit period a shorter or longer period may be fixed. Congestive Heart Failure- LeftRight As per section 2 17 ” principal employer” means. An Act to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provision for certain other matters in relation thereto.


Issue of certificate to the Recovery Officer 45D.

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Determination of contributions in certain cases 45B. Maximum age for the retirement is 60 years. Benefit not admissible unless claimed in time Payment of medical benefits to insured person families. Medical care for the families of insured persons.

The list was last reviewed on 5. Powers of the Standing Committee esi act 1948 in Employees’ State Insurance Central Rules, Determination of question of disablement. Power to exempt to be exercised by Central Government alone in respect of employer’s special contributions. Short title, extent, commencement and application 2.

As per section 2 14A ” managing agent” means any person appointed or acting as the representative of another person for the purpose of carrying on such other person’ s trade or business, but does not include an individual manager subordinate to ach employer. Esi act 1948 in case of the retirement of the employer his spouse shall be eligible to receive medical benefit subject to payment of contribution.