amharic version ethiopian reporter newspaper amharic version – bing – ethiopian reporter newspaper amharic free pdf download now!!! source #2. The Reporter (Ethiopia), also known as The Ethiopian Reporter (Amharic: ሪፖርተር), is a private newspaper published in Print Newspaper Amharic Version. Ezega News provides latest Ethiopian News, as well as select African PM Abiy Ahmed in Amhara State to Welcome Eritrean President By Staff Reporter.

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Following the cessation of hostilities, the border between the two countries was opened on Ethiopian new year, September 11, He said the changes and amnaric moves call for collaborated efforts to ensure down-to-earth results.

The two are expected to hold bilateral talks shortly. The national parliament last week endorsed a new cabinet in which half of the ministerial portfolios were taken up by versoin. The ministry disclosed this information at an event held yesterday at the headquarters of the African Union AU. A legal framework is being prepared that regulates the import-export trade between Ethiopia and Eritrea, according to Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue.

He was subsequently jailed for two years and freed in The Demonstrators Demand Justice for Attacks in Benishangul Gumuz State, asking vesion government take legal measures against those forces who allegedly killed at least 50 people in Benishangul Gumuz regional state in western Ethiopia.


The well-armed perpetrators are accused of torching over homes in an attempt to permanently displace members of these two nationalities, Oromo and Ahmara. This visit is a third trip to Ethiopia by President Isaias Afewerki since the peace agreement was signed between the two countries.

October 31, – Ethiopian Defense Minister Engineer Ayisha Mohammed said her army is closely following activities of armed groups in Qelem Wollega of Oromia regional state of western Ethiopia. Growth in Sub Saharan Africa is expected to newsapper 3. This is the third time the Eritrean President is visiting Ethiopia in as many months since the historic normalization of relations brought about by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.


October 24, – Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome is stepping versioh tmorrow as President of Ethiopia, according newxpaper media reports. Citing deputy chairperson of Arena, Goytom Tsegay, the newspxper parties have agreed to work together and possibly merger in future.

When the contract between DP World Limited and the Republic of Djibouti was signed, both parties seemed happy and satisfied with the business deal and pledged to respect the terms neswpaper the agreement. The lawsuit was filed in the High Court of Hong Kong for unlawfully procuring and inducing the Republic of Djibouti to breach various agreements between the African country and DP World.

The results were, however, annuled by the then Prime Minister of the country Meles Zenawi. Abiy Ahmed is also expected to address some 25, Ethiopians in Frankfurt tomorrow, risding in various cities in Europe.

November 3, – The International Finance Corporation IFC is working on solar power project in Ethiopia to generate megawatt of electricity, according to the Reporter. During the visit, the delegation met with President Isaias and other senior Eritrean government officials and extended invitation to visit their state.

September 29, — Over the last few years, ethnic based violence and attacks have hit different parts of Ethiopia one after another. Mulatu has given no reason for his resignation which happened a year before his term ends in New national university entrance exam approved. He left the country soon after to resume teaching economics professor at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

The disclosure by the state media has, however, put the number of dead as 3.

The announcement came after the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Negasso Gidada, and member of opposition political parties and diplomats. The Ethiopian government has not disclosed any information so far, but the Ethiopian ethiopiian is set to vote tomorrow to make it official, according to these reports. The Eritrean President was invited by officials of the Amhara regional state following visit to Asmara by their delegation a couple of months ago.

His return follows the call the government made to Ethiopian expatriates to return home and be part of the peaceful development.

The Reporter (Ethiopia) – Wikipedia

According to Prime Minister such a media verrsion serve not only as reporter but as guide as well, showing direction and providing recommendations based on evidence and research, he added. Life as Sex Worker in Addis Ababa.


Regarding the resumption of the Mogadishu flights, Mr. He has also hailed activities undertaken by the government to broaden the political landscape in the country.

Two weeks ago, reformist Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed government announced unprecedented cabinet with gender balance in which 10 women were selected for ministerial positions, a step that was lauded the world over. This is the 11th time the national flag day is celebrated in Ethiopia.

I wanted “to be a champion. The Premier underscored the importance of providing the necessary support to private media companies so that they would not be a source of enrichment for individuals. Last week, demonstrators took bersion the streets of Alamata town demanding review of the region’s affiliation with Tigray. Eritrea has been under crippling sanctions for years due to its past involvements with regional instability, including support for what many countries believe terrorist versikn.

October 24, – Ethiopia versio get its first woman president tomorrow according to some Ethiopian media reports. Born in Shewa zone, Oromia regional state of Ethiopia, Lelisa Desisa made his breakthrough on to the senior international scene at road races in In September this year, he returned to Ethiopia and was welcomed by tens of thousands of cheering supporters in a.

Ethnic and religion-motivated deadly bloodsheds have claimed the lives of hundreds of people and newwspaper tens of thousands of others in many parts of the country, including in Somali state, Mizan Tepi of Oromia State, Hawassa city of Southern Ethiopia state, the capital of Benishangul Gumuz state, and very recently in Burayu town and its environs.

He said the current political activities have paved the way for him to revisit his country.