match book for kiffe kiffe demain english translation. Tue, 16 Oct GMT match book for kiffe kiffe pdf – Kiffe Demain. Livre French Edition is wrote by . Read free book excerpt from Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow by Faïza Guène, page 1 of 4. think of all the girls who get pregnant their first time, without even meaning to. 14 Jan I came across Faïza Guène’s Kiffe kiffe demain translated as Just Like network and followers to find an English translation for many locations.

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It was sad to see how often Doria referred to commercial women’s magazines as ways she and others learned about life and relationships and to shape their views of what was and was not appropriate to feel and do but also sadly accurate for pre-www girls who had negligible useful support from people they knew.

The book makes sense without knowing all these references, but I enjoy finding out this sort of stuff. Finished reading this book Friday morning on my metro ride in to work. It’s French thus the title but I mean I read it and understood it I’m doing A-Level French and I’m going to be studying French at Kiffs Uni this year but the main character was so hard to wrap my head around.

Wonderful and fast read because the style is so engaging. This post has been moved from another thread which had gone off-topic. The story is clunky in places, and there were some unanswered questions, but the voice here is powerful, cheeky, and badass. Understandably Doria is angry. Her father has returned to his Moroccan birthplace to find a new wife who will provide him with the son he so badly wants. It will make you laugh like no other book in recent memory.

Sorry I saw this thread kifef late.

Just Like Tomorrow by Faïza Guène – Word by Word

I enjoyed this book a lot. Actually French people discovered it around XIX. Tupp Senior Member English – Australia.

There is love in her mother and friends, and she ends up with a teenage love. Un roman plein de seve et d’humour. Kifre honestly don’t know what to think about this book. Born in France of Algerian parents, and growing up in a northern suburb of Paris, she writes from the heart of a challenging suburb, in a part of the city that few from the outside granslation about and about which little is written in literature.


Kiffs pote Hamoudi, un grand de la cite qui l’a connue alors qu’elle etait “haute comme une barrette de shit. It was readable but frustrating – in a nutshell. Actually, my understanding of the book title is that “kif-kif demain” means “it’ll all be the same tomorrow” based on the arabic slang, but at the end, when she has a change of heart, she invents the phrase “kiffe-kiffe demain” which she says is based on the verb kiffer. The comparison with Catcher in the Rye and The Invisible Man is as much to suggest that this work deserves to become a French englksh.

Yes, given the quotation in post 19, that seems to be the case.

Great to know this book has already made it into such a collection as Great French BooksVishy. With the rtanslation racism that she and her mother regularly encounter.

kif-kif demain , Kiffe Kiffe demain

Yes, my password is: Peu importe, “Maman et moi on s’en fout de pas faire partie de la jet-set. No it does not but it is an idiom that got in fashion not long ago and adults do not really use it but it was not made up recently. Likewise Susan, I rarely read books in the YA genre, unless for a very good reason, this one offers something more than just a story, the authors own journey is inspiring and her way of communicating on the page quite unique.

Amidst racism, poverty, jiffe growing up with a single mom, Doria, the main character, writes in a smart, snarky, sardonic voice, making fun but in an enjoyable way of teachers, neighbors, will focusing hate at her father who has abandoned her.

Definitely my favorite read of the year thus far! Ca, chez Doria, ca s’appelle le mektoub, le destin: I remember reading an article in the newspaper about that reader travelling to countries through her reading.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She is not prone to drama, although she observes it around her, as if from within a bubble and provides a running commentary on everything in her mind,and on the page. Doria, the heroine, is as critical of her fellow residents with their sexism and narrow-mindedness as she is of French racism. I understand what you mean about the language, I thought the translator did a good job, especially given the style of the voice and it loses something in translation certainly, I will make sure next time to read her in the original language, her books are likely to be available in my local library at least!


Jul 15, Ciara rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Like seriously, this book–ugh, I love it so much. Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow 3. Shopkeepers, neighbours, aunties … Yes, community is so important. I live in France and I am 16 so I know that adults do not use it very often sometimes it happens though.

A compelling peek into a world that I knew nothing about. Elle vit seule avec englidh mere dans une cite de Livry-Gargan depuis que son pere est parti un matin rtanslation un taxi gris trouver au Maroc une femme plus jeune et plus feconde.

In Arabe “kif” means the same, this kuffe got to French people who started to use it just like many other idioms which are all colloquial like “kiffer”, “rchouma” He thought I’d forged my mom’s name on kigfe slip.

Notify me of new posts via email. I have just learned a new teenage word from my 12 -year-old daughter, they no longer say coolthey say swag. A very accurate representation of the life of Arabic Immigrants in France. This woman, she’s really a shit-stirrer.

It’s also potentially educational in that there’s a lot to look up about French pop culture of the late 90s and early 00s, the sort of casual references you might get IRL: The main character was conventionally sassy in a funny way – but, again, nothing particularly worth writing home about… and the ending was a little cheesy for me…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.