6 mai Par Fritz Deshommes *. Introduction de l’ouvrage du même titre à paraitre la semaine prochaine [1]. Document soumis à AlterPressse le 5 mai. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English. Constitution amendée · Titre 1: de la République d’Haiti son emblème – ses symboles Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit.

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If, at that session, and even in the case of replacement of the Houses no agreement is reached conetitution the law when it is introduced again, each House shall appoint, by taking a vote on a list of an equal number of members, a parliamentary committee to decide on the final text that will be submitted to the two 2 Assemblies, beginning with the one that originally voted on the law.

Haiti : Et si la Constitution de était porteuse de Refondation ?

One for the National Council of Cooperatives. Within six 6 months starting from the time the first President elected under the Constitution of takes office, the Executive Branch is authorized to proceed to carry out any reforms deemed dee in the Government Administration in general and in the Judiciary.

The Legislative Branch; 2. The seat of the Permanent electoral Council is in the capital. Have never been sentenced to death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights; e. Have five 5 years experience in public or private administration; f. Hzitienne of the Administrative Council of the Communal Section must: Have resided at least three 3 years in the Commune and undertake to reside there for the duration of their term.

To provide assistance to persons constitutin danger; m.

The state is obligated to establish for each Communal Section the structures required for social, economic, civic and cultural training of its population. En cas de faute grave commise dans l’exercice de leur fonction, les membres du Conseil Electoral Permanent sont passibles de la Haute Cour de Justice.

Any bill may be withdrawn from discussion so haiyienne as it has not been finally voted upon. Dependencies and other territories. Each of the Three 3 branches is entirely responsible for its own acts. The Council also drafts the Electoral Bill that it submits to the Executive Branch for the necessary purposes.


Its jurisdiction extends throughout the territory of the Republic. If a disagreement occurs with regard to any other law, a decision on it will be postponed until the following session. The interdepartmental Council, in concert with the executive, studies and plans projects for decentralization and development of the country from the social, economic, commercial, agricultural and industrial standpoint.

Financial management is the responsibility of constitjtion Minister concerned. No charge or tax, whether imposed by a Department, a Municipality, or Communal Section, may be established without the consent of its territorial divisions.

Le journaliste exerce librement sa profession dans le costitution de la loi. The budget of each Ministry is divided into chapters and sections, and must be voted upon article by article. No one may be interrogated without his constitutio or a witness of his choice being present. Defend the country in the event of war; b. If in either House the Majority stipulated in the constitutin paragraph is not obtained for the rejection, the objections are accepted.

None of them may, for any reason, delegate their powers in all or in part, nor go beyond the bounds set for them by the Constitution and by law. The Cosntitution is assisted by an Interdepartmental Council, the members of which are designated by the Departmental Assemblies on the basis of one 1 per Department.

Toute personne a le droit de professer sa religion et son culte, pourvu que l’exercice de ce cinstitution ne trouble pas l’ordre et la paix publics.

Constitution of Haiti

To respect the property of others; k. Expropriation for a public purpose may be effected only by payment or deposit ordered by a court in favor of the person entitled thereto, of fair compensation established in advance by an expert evaluation.

When litigation is referred to it, the Supreme Court, sitting as a full Court, shall rule on the unconstitutionality of the laws. The meeting in a single Assembly of the two 2 branches of the Legislature constitutes the National Assembly.

The same applies to the annual balance sheet and statement of operations of the Central Bank and to all other accounts of the Haitian State.

The President of the Republic, who is the Head of State, shall see to the respect for and enforcement of the Constitution and the stability of the institutions. Members of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes are under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice for any serious offenses committed in the discharge of their duties. The Prime Minister and the Ministers are jointly responsible for the acts of the President of the Republic and of their ministers that they countersign.


Have been relieved, if need be, of costitution responsibilities as a manager of public funds. Any accountant of public funds during the years of the dictatorship concerning whom there is presumptive evidence of unjustified again; c.

Constitution de la République d’Haiti, 29 mars 1987

Unions are essentially nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondenominational. In addition to their regular duties, the Armed Forces may be assigned to development work.

The State must award benefits to military personnel of all conetitution, fully guaranteeing their physical security. Return Constitutions Page Retourner aux Constitutions. In concert constitutkon the President of the Republic, he is responsible for national defense. Be Haitians and never have renounced their nationality; b. Effigies and names of living personages may not appear on the currency, stamps, seals, public buildings, streets or works of art. Only the Legislature Branch has haiienne authority to interpret laws, which it does by passing a law.

No member of the Legislature may during his term be arrested under ordinary law for a crime, a minor offense or a petty violation, except by authorization of the House of which he is a member, unless he is apprehended in the act of committing an offense punishable by death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights. Les Ministres sont responsables des actes du Premier Ministre qu’ils contresignent.

The Constitution of Haiti French: Amounts to be drawn on budget allocations may in no case exceed ls of the appropriations for a particular month, except in December, because of bonuses paid to all Government employees and officials. Ensure the separation and the harmonious distribution of the powers of the State at the service of the fundamental interests and priorities of the Nation. A Senator of Republic is elected by universal suffrage by an absolute majority of votes in the Primary Assemblies held in the geographic Departments, under the terms prescribed by the Electoral Law.

Such exercise may not be subject to any authorization or censorship, except in the case of war.