Ravensong has ratings and 30 reviews. Friederike said: Ravensong, Lee Maracle’s novel, is as powerful and meaningful today as it was when it was. . Lee Maracle, author of the best-selling I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology Ravensong is by turns damning, humorous, inspirational, and prophetic. Set along the Pacific Northwest Coast in the s, Ravensong tells the story of an Featuring a preface by Lee Maracle and cover art by M├ętis artist Christi.

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Jun 17, Nadia rated it liked it Shelves: Both are important books. White people learn nothing from their stupid merry-go-round of pretentious and fake morality rooted in deception. Emma Newton rated it liked it Nov 21, Ravensong lee maracle 04, Neill Smith rated it it was amazing. Interesting look at the lives of aboriginal women and how they support each other. Read this for a class.

Doctors from town claim they ravensong lee maracle overworked and unable to help the Native community, so their losses are higher than expected.

Ravensong – A Novel

Stacey, the young ravensong lee maracle older sister, is the only one among her siblings and cousins who attends school in the town. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jun 13, Cheriee Weichel rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the most beautiful book I ravensong lee maracle read in a while. Almost like coming full circle, isn’t ravensong lee maracle The protagonist of the novel is Stacey, a First Nations girl in her late teens who is attending a high school for nonnative residents.

It carefully feathers together how complicated the divide is between the world of white people and the Native American way of life. Jan 02, Jody rated it it was amazing. I don’t remember it well enough to say.

Another book ravvensong looking at Canadian history through a literary lens. Not only is there a different social order but people and actions that are held to be important and necessary in one place are either opposed or ignored in the other. She struggles with the gap between the two cultures. Situated in the Northwest of Vancouver Island, Maracle evokes a land where the Raven sings and communicates with Cedar, where the cedar responds with gently swinging its branches and sometimes weeps.


To consider the moral implications that were enforced upon the gender, ravensong lee maracle, education, citizenships, health, and most of all Mostly, I find the way that the novel deals with queer sexuality in relation to its politics of decolonization fascinating. Rena is regarded as a respectable figure regardless of ravensong lee maracle homosexuality. This story follows the thoughts of a ravensong lee maracle old girl who lives maracpe, and goes to the “white” school in the white town across the river.

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It was interesting in that many events that happened in this book, were referenced in that one. Maracle is ravensong lee maracle of the most prolific aboriginal authors in Canada and a recognized authority on issues pertaining to aboriginal people and aboriginal literature. The departure ravensong lee maracle two of her women relatives was the beginning of a huge cultural shift that would ravensong lee maracle havoc in her village much later.

It was too flaccid to be truly radical, and too smug to be noteworthy. But, for anyone interested in Native American spirituality particularly Pac NW Nativesor the clash of white culture and Native culture, it’s a great book with a lot of eye-opening and thought-provoking points. The song echoed the rolling motion of earth’s centre, filtering itself through the last layer to reach outward to earth’s shoreline above the deep.

Ravensong – A Novel

Stacey, a year-old Native girl, struggles with the clash between white society’s maraxle and her family’s traditional ways, knowing that her future ravensong lee maracle somewhere in between. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to a different perspective Jan 28, Amanda rated it it was amazing.

Dec 11, Litbitch rated it did not like it. It had me in awe at moments. An incredibly poetic work describing the life of a group of Indians who depend on the land, each ravensong lee maracle and their laws to keep cohesion in their community.


I mostly don’t like fiction anymore but I loved this book. In fact, I read the two novels back ravensong lee maracle back, and while the combined reading enhanced and deepened my understanding, the two novels stand on their own very well. Pushed to the edges of society, made invisible.

Ravensong is a moving drama that includes elements of prophecy, mythology, cultural critique, and humour. Cloud, seduced by the rustling of cedar, moved sensually to shore.

ravensong lee maracle

Ravensong lee maracle, the book is basically an assertion of a people who have been, for too long, been stereotyped, discriminated against. Polly had perished under the dome of arrogant insecurity her people had erected for ravensong lee maracle. Positioning the immigrant reader of aboriginal literatures in Canada”.

Apr 25, Sean Callaghan rated it liked it Shelves: Growing up in the s near Vancouver, Stacey lives in a Native community with her family but attends high school in town with the white teens.

Ravensong by Lee Maracle

It is a story about a young woman coming of age in a world that has many difficult questions. It is told from the perspective of Celia’s older sister, Stacey who is ravensong lee maracle her last year of white high school across the bridge from their village. Home Books Ravensong – A Novel. Lists with This Book. A young girl, deeply lost in thought sitting under the cedar, carries ravensony images of those ravensong lee maracle events that contributed to more catastrophes later, traumas that the community has not yet recovered from.

It functions as a messenger of “cross-cultural communication” throughout the novel.