Sri Sai Leela – Old Sai Leela Archive- Experiences of Sai devotees- Historical documentaion of Shirdi Sai baba’s life, spiritual interaction with His devotees and . 11 Nov Om Sai Ram, I dont know whether you can get hard copies of Saileela Magazine, But you can read up saileelas from here. 1. Shirdi Sai. 28 Nov Hi, I am very eager to read Sai leela Magazine published by the Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. But I found only the recent editions are translated to.

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It is this Bhate that argued with Hemadpant of pre-destination as against free will. Once I was virtually on death-bed because of severe jaundice. Such has been my own experience and there are ever so many people who have had the same experience once they came into contact with Sri Swamiji. No body knows when the grace of the Lord descends on man and effects the transformation.

Having come to know about such a situation, I offered, as a token of courtesy, surplus rice of 3 Kgs. I took another bus for Manmad, which took me in time connecting an express train bound for Bhusawal.

Next morning we started for Badrinath again in a bus. Shri SaiSatcharita is a holy book for us and is regarded and read out with the same spirit and devotion as Shri Ramcharitmanas in our family, in this part of northen India. When I was only 32 years old, this happened. At his mere presence, I shook and shivered with great terror and a flick of thought crossed my mind as to who was this devil who came here to finish and eat me up when I came here for the darshan of Babaji.

That was a feat on the part of the patient – nay, it was the miraculous powers of Sai Baba and the sacred Ashes.

It was at about 2 a. She rummaged the entire house thrice but in vain. The worldly people say there is no God. The slippery black cotton soil was not fit even for walking over to the other end.


But the imprint that he left in Muscat is too deep to be erased or forgotten. It can be felt only. I am not sure when I will have another opportunity roaming those gardens with Him! The whole procession and its performance fully bathed in utmost Devotion and surrender towards “SAI BABA” as I felt it attracted me to such an extent that I forgot myself for some time.


They then put me on the stretcher and we waded through snow on the way to the hospital. I took Darshan with the heart beating heavily, lips stunned, and eyes wide-open. This all happened in my life which gave me the direction to follow the devotional side of Shri Sai Baba to understand that we must first try to get the ‘idea’ that is conveyed through “Inherent Tendency” i. It was not for them to ask the Omniscent and Omnipotent Baba to do something to quell the rising flames.

Such a service to mankind will definitely take you nearer and nearer to God and ultimately the day will dawn when you and God will become inseparable-viz. Haemorrhage was somewhere in the system but they could not locate the exact spot even after taking X-Rays of all the possible spots of haemorrhage. Meanwhile my father in-law, through us knew about “Baba and His Grace” and he desired to accompany us, if we might go to Shirdi.

I feel that this was unusual and uncommon manifestation of integrity imbibed in them by the grace of Baba.

The second incident took place in June The Pandya took us to main diety, “Vitthal”, where another Pandya was already conducting Pooja by some other devotees. Since then I have become a SAI devotee. Rama Rao October In intellectual development, we can get much help from books, but in spiritual development almost nothing. We reached Rudra Prayag at 7 p. While buying garlands for Baba, a vibration came to my mind as if Baba was instructing me in person, saying “Go to Dwarka Mai first, then to Chawadi and then to Samadhi Mandir.

Our horsemen had assured us that we would have to walk only about 1 km.

Faith Can Move Mountains Mrs. When we returned home the court yard of my house was very damp and wet. Suddenly he rushed back to the room and said that someone looking just like Baba was standing in the passage outside the bathrooms with a stick in his hand mwgazine that he got frightened. So a detailed write up covering how the devotees have been inspired to build the temple, various leelq leelas experienced, along with a detailed history of activities associated with the temple with pictures are required immediately.


Then after some time, I concluded that He had walked along with me and may have entered my heart! Since we went with families, we carried all articles with us for preparation of food. One day at noon the fire in the dhuni began to burn brightly and the flames were seen to be reaching the rafters of magazne mosque.

Having reached his house, he asked me to have Darshan of Sai Baba first. I went to Mbeya in Tanzania and there I used to conduct bhajans on Monday in temple and Thursdays in my house regularly.

Machender Englisg December At the doorway of the room where she was lying, there appeared a hand in abhaya mudra and soon after she delivered a baby without any difficulty.

I completed my pooja on Thursday. In order to convey this power of transmission of messages from the Guru to the Shishya and vice versa, will require to plough the field of living seed and when both these conditions are fulfilled, a wonderful growth of religion takes place. But engkish any difficulty at any stage I performed journey to Shirdi more happily than expected due to the kind blessings of Shri Sai Baba.

As it happened to be my first visit I went for englisb to several places in and around Bombay. He used to personally attend to the cooking business. Bow to Sri Sai! Mgaazine midnight during sleep I had suddenly seen a vision of Shirdi Sai Baba surrounded by great brilliance of white light the intensity of which was beyond my power of expression.

As it was heavily snowing, most of the roads were blocked.


One thing that has entered my heart now after the surgery is not envlish new veins ‘but that’ I am not alone and Baba is always with me! Here is an example of a high sense of honesty and integrity, which employees of the Samsthan imbibed with the grace of Baba. Prayag means confluence of two or more rivers.