SSPC-SP11 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual. SSPC-SP11 – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. SSPC-SP 11 Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal. When viewed without magnification, the surface shall be free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, mill scale, rust.

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This includes personalizing content and advertising. Leave this field empty. For example, spot repairs that are expected to provide 5 years of corrosion protection as a stopgap until more significant maintenance painting work can be performed may require a lesser degree of surface preparation SSPC-SP spc than a coating system that is expected to last 15 years.

SP 11, Bare Metal Power Tool Cleaning

The same types of power tools may be used to prepare surfaces for all three standards and may be electric sepc pneumatic powered. If a specific coating system or systems are included in the specification, the degree of surface preparation performed must be consistent with the coating requirements and the specified ep preparation. Similarly, power tool cleaning will not remove soluble salt contamination. Costs — The associated labor costs for surface preparation will vary inversely proportionally to the production rates listed above.

Power tool cleaning will not remove grease and oil contamination from the surface. Access — Areas that are difficult to access, like small internal spaces, back-to-back angles, etc. The specifications should state acceptable maximum levels of salt contamination and require testing after surface preparation has been performed and prior to painting. In many instances, chloride contamination can be reduced to acceptable levels by pressure water cleaning.


The configuration of the work surface may dictate the degree of power tool cleaning possible.

Surface Preparation by Power Tool Cleaning… What to Specify When

By continuing to use sspx site, you accept our use of cookies To learn more, click Read More to view our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Additional cleaning will need to be performed if soluble salt contamination is present and required to be mitigated. Spc primary difference between the three SSPC standards is the degree of cleanliness and roughness required.

While each of the three standards invokes the use of power tools, the degree of coating removal and surface roughness requirements vary.

Surface Preparation by Power Tool Cleaning – What to Specify WhenKTA University

Inspection Sscp Pipeline Coatings — Volume 2: Life expectancy of coating system — The life expectancy of a coating system will influence the level of power tool cleaning selected. April 17, at 7: It is an indirect or automatic requirement of each of the three standards.

One of the key components to the success of any coatings maintenance project is the degree of surface preparation both specified and performed. Chloride removal agents can also be added to the pressure washing water.

For the purposes of this discussion we are going to assume that due diligence has been done and that power tool cleaning is a viable option for maintenance painting work. My father wants one of the walls in his house to undergo surface preparation. Coating manufacturer product requirements — Different coating systems have different surface preparation requirements.


Note that several factors can affect production rates; the rates shown are simply for relative comparisons. Factors to consider when selecting the level of power tool cleaning: Schedule spc Production rates to achieve the required degree of surface cleanliness vary between the three standards.

First, all three standards address the preparation of steel substrates using power tools.

Generic production rates for the 3 levels of surface cleanliness are shown in the table below. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Some of the common types of power sspc include grinders, cup wire brushes, wire wheels, pneumatic chipping hammers, rotating flaps, scalers, and needle guns. To better understand the differences a quick summary of each is provided below: Xp increase in the degree of surface cleanliness specified results in an increase in a project cost.