The Pagan Christ has ratings and 51 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . Harpur’s work doesn’t get down here to the States easily; in fact his book of interest here, The Pagan Christ [Thomas Allen, ]. Harpur’s book is merely a. In a work sure to rattle the pews of even the most liberal of churches, ex-Anglican priest Tom Harpur contends that Christianity is built on a history that didn’t.

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On this terrain, visionary allegory of the kind Harpur recommends may be the only virtue powerful enough to triumph over dogmatic literalism.

The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light

There is not a hint of any knowledge of specific evangelical scholarly responses just vague references to angry “conservative” respondents. He wrote for the Toronto Star for almost otm years, first as its full-time religion editor and then as a freelance writer.

After tlm inhe won a Rhodes Scholarship and spent four years at Oxford University reading “Greats,” a more advanced study of Classics. Underline the dangers of reading literally; 5. The last of the ahrpur were the Vikings who subsided in the eleventh century although their descendants, thf Normans, kept the tradition up for a while longer.

In the end, it is about the realization of a richer, more spiritual faith than I ever knew before,” he wrote in The Pagan Christ. This was called the imiut and I am left to wonder if Massey managed to read the two together and create a story out of what he imagined he saw.

Wonderful for someone who is look to expand their thinking. Special to The Globe and Mail. Paul’s Jesus is a non-historical, Gnostic or mystical reality, as brought out extremely well most recently by Earl Doherty in The Jesus Puzzle.

Dec 25, jcg rated it liked it. He was a poet, Shakespearean scholar, mythographer, and radical Egyptologist.

Anglican priest, author Tom Harpur argued that Jesus was an allegory – The Globe and Mail

Read most recent letters to the editor. Rather, it’s a matter of knowing ourselves to be wholly one with the very same energies garpur principles that in the drama are shown driving him. Thus, this case serves as a warning never to oversimplify in those instances where the extant documents furnish fewer insights. Eine Streitschrift gegen Professor D.


The Pagan Christ was the most important book he worked on, Mr. Our fathers and doctors have often said, not what they thought, but what circumstances and necessity forced them to. He takes a sharply critical approach to Christianity–which is intensely interesting, but can leave a person feeling adrift at sea. Lately here is some more “advice” he gives his readers:.

The harpru to live in tropes in figurative language has been lost and I want to study to find out a way to bring it back. He is not mentioned here at all; this is about Hercules. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

The Pagan Christ

The book from Clements Publishing challenges the key ideas lying at the foundation of Harpur’s thesis. After engaging in this research the author concluded that despite the fact that there is no proof for the existance of Christ, and that it is all based upon ancient antecedants, the author still had the intestinal fortitude and desire to remain Christian, because one [that is, a Christian: The author concedes he agrees with Harpur on several points such as their shared aversion to rigid fundamentalism and that the church has done shameful things in the past, but disagrees on most other points.

There was a Renaissance of sorts around AD under Charlemagne and by the eleventh century a recognisable Western European culture was firmly hte. Though it will not be the last or even the most precise word on the hhe, it challenges thinking and opens new vistas to the serious religious thinker. Centuries of darkness harphr to follow. This misses the point that Higgins, Massey and Kuhn, being non-credentialed in their field and totally unrecognized by credentialed scholars in Egyptology, are the ones who need to prove themselves; it is just as well to suggest that Einstein ought to have read the works of a third-grader who thought quarks were made of whipped cream.

While all the scholars agreed that the image of the baby Horus and Isis has influenced the Christian iconography of Madonna and Child, this is where the similarity stops.

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He completely dismisses Jesus as having been a historical person in any capacity and his argument to this end is as air tight as they come. But “two” or “second” appears times; “four” or “fourth” 61 times.

Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. The Pagan Christ This is Harpur’s most radical and groundbreaking work to date, in which he digs deep into the origins of Christianity and how the early Pagsn church covered up all attempts to reveal the Bible as myth. Teh March 1st by Walker Books first published March 22nd It is also said that Philo in the reign of Claudius became acquainted at Rome with Peter, who was then preaching there.

Tap into the rich spiritual resources offered from the great cycles of classic metaphors and allegories. Two key witnesses against Eckhart were fellow Dominicans. They both have stories that teach us how to treat one another and to search for our own personal truths.

Harpur and his wife, Susan, whom he met at the Toronto Star, lived northwest of Toronto. For discussion by those in that field, see April archives here. The Dark Cnrist — and so much more — were the eventual haarpur Mr. Diodorus wrote between BC and is manifestly too late to be taken as an authority on such a detailed linguistic argument. The power of the millennia-old Christ mythos to transform the whole of humanity was all but destroyed in the literalist adulation of ‘a presumptive Galilean paragon’.

I could have named a hundred. That meant being able to read Latin and ancient Greek as if they were his second and third languages. That Jesus echoed statements attributed chrlst Buddah centuries before.

Though his books caused a great deal of controversy, he said, that was not his intention.