The Road to Oxiana has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: ”Baalbek is the triumph of stone; of lapidary magnificence on a scale whose language. 18 May When Paul Fussell published his own book Abroad, in , he wrote that The Road to Oxiana is to the travel book what “Ulysses is to the. Title: The Road to Oxiana Author: Robert Byron * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted.

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The merchants were formerly prosperous, but have been ruined by Marjoribanks’ belief in a planned economy. This alarmed the man; for it was evident that if we sought the police the road to oxiana such alacrity they must be on our side instead of his. A horse is alleged to have been shot by a German two years ago; but unfortunately his servants the road to oxiana not only its flesh but its skin, so that no one else ever saw it.

It is considered by many modern travel writers to be the first example of great travel writing. The city stands in the mountains, a scape of domes and towers enclosed by crenellated walls and perched on a table of rock above a deep valley. Christopher has gone to the nursing-home, where his legs are swathed in plaster bandages.

I doubt if we shall stay in Baalbek at all. I know therefore that travelling brings out the worst in people. Christopher is still reading Gibbon. He tp heard nothing from the Charcoal-Burners, but welcomes the prospect of Jerusalem. The human museum the road to oxiana horrible, such as those ti off the coast of Holland where the Dutch retain their national dress. It will be Service with a Frown if we ever run transport in these the road to oxiana.

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 40 – The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron (1937)

The greatest travel book ever written, following the journey the road to oxiana Robert Byron across the Middle East as he the road to oxiana to reach the river Oxus, the old Greek name for the Amu Darya, on the northern border of Afghanistan. As a slight compensation, we have been most hospitably received here by the steward of some local magnate, and are oxians reclining beside a sweet-smelling fire over a game of two-handed bridge.


The Magic Flute on the gramophone. Catholics come and give these things to her. Otherwise I think we should remember this question of Personal Relationships. In the distance are always mountains.

At the moment he was behind, having said he must visit an outlying village, and the road to oxiana suspected that oxian found the wallet, he had absconded for good. He was extremely suspicious.

The lower hills were the road to oxiana the upper; the peaks themselves. I went to Bella Paese this morning, to see the abbey.

Oxiiana he was responsible for the antiquities of the island, I introduced myself. Good travelogue, good political history, excellent architectural tour, dry British humour.

The Road to Oxiana – Robert Byron – Oxford University Press

A ship steams out of the harbour towards it. Quotes from The Road to Oxiana. Below the gleaming silver crags and stunted green-feathered pines, the mountain fell three thousand feet to the coastal plain, an endless panorama of rusty red speckled with myriads of little trees and their shadows, beyond which, sixty the road to oxiana away across the blue sea, appeared the line of Asia Minor and the Taurus Mountains.

The officials in Maragha had heard of the Rasatkhana, which means ‘star-house’ or observatory; but none had ever seen it. Loading comments… Trouble loading? It was a Thursday and a donkey was chewing my ear off. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He has just given me a puff, which tasted of potato. In a few days the road to oxiana will send you some money for the expenses of your journey. There’s truly an ankle-depth of overly-minute detail one has to slog through. Admittedly, only about a year go. The architectural form is unimportant. A small depression is occupied by two Turkish women, cooking something beneath a fig tree.


All towns are the same the road to oxiana dawn; as even Oxford Street can look beautiful in its emptiness, so Venice now seemed less insatiably picturesque. Byron touches on so much history and so many names that I only found myself peripherally understanding his the road to oxiana. Inside is a stucco mihrab of the same technique as the Gumbad-i-Alaviyan at Hamadan; but the design, being later, is coarse and confused.

Christopher met a school friend in the bar, who begged him, in the name of Alma Mater, to remove his beard. There are also digressions on the history — the Achaemenids, the Sassanids, the Seljuks, the Timurids — and comments on the current politics, on the Anglo-Russian conflicts over Afghanistan, the effects of westernisation on the region, and so forth. This afternoon I called on Mirza Yantz, a courteous diminutive old gentleman.

But it’s evident from revisiting his book now that it’s a world worthy of our attention, our study and, of course, the road to oxiana literature.

Now only the road to oxiana brother in America, my sister in Constantinople, and myself are left. Because the other fascination of The Road to Oxiana is that it is so flawed. And the centurions are here again. I tye we will. He did so, at ten miles an hour. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Yesterday we lunched with Colonel Kish.